June 28, 2007

The teddy bear skirt


My daughter Hanna asked some time ago for a summer skirt for her teddy bear called Nelli. After taking a look at my left over sock yarns she decided she wanted the skirt made out of Regia Bamboo, the scraps left from my mother’s birthday socks, version 2007. The skirt was knitted in two evenings, and finished yesterday.

I chose 2,5 mm needles, in order to give the skirt more drape than what the knitted fabric in the socks had had. I cast on the required amount of stitches for the waist band, and knitted in stockinett for twice the width of the elastic I was about to use. I then picked up the stitches from the cast on, and knitted them together with the live stitches, with the elastic in between. This was easily done, and I avoided the work of having the waist band to be sewn in place and the elastic treaded in. I think the result is pretty neat. Click on the pictures in order to get them bigger and to see better!

The skirt itself is knitted in simple 2 purl, 1 knit stitch. When it was almost long enough I added one more purl stitch, and a couple of rows later started the bell shaped hem. I added knit stitches until there were 5 knit, 3 purl stitches. The small lace motif in the bells is made with yo, SSKP, yo on every second row. I then knitted one row and cast off in purl stitches. Quit simple, but the hem is a bit flashier than it would have been with just a simple cast off.


Click here to zoom out!

As a side note I can tell you it has been so cold and rainy here today (yes it's rain drops you can see on the zoom out picture), that I actually has worn Venezia all day long! And I still love the pullover, in fact even more now when I know how great it is in use. So all you WIP Venezia knitters, hurry up and finish your Venezias! It’s worth all the work of it!


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