December 08, 2006

First Pomatomus sock


Another super quick update, written before morning coffee and everything. I did cast on for the Pomatomus socks from Knitty with 2,5 mm dpns and the lovely Piece of Beauty yarn I mentioned some weeks ago. The yarn is heaven to knit with, and the larger than usually sock needles enables progress of nice speed. The pattern is easy to memorize, and I judge these socks to be a fast knit. You see, I have already reached the heelflap. The Piece of Beauty yarn is slightly thicker than the in the pattern suggested yarn, and I decided to make only two pattern repeats in the leg part of the sock. You don’t want to run out of hand painted yarn, do you?

And after these socks, I will finish the second Rosebud mitten. Somehow I lost my urge to finish them when Sofia got the Basketweave mittens, but a girl of ten needs several pairs, so there is no reason to delay the finishing anymore.


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