April 06, 2007

The Feather and Fan socks


Mum’s Feather and Fan socks are finished. Or, to be honest, they were finished last Friday already, but I have been a lazy blogger, and haven’t sat down in front of the computer before now.

These socks were a short row test as well. I have before made socks with both the short row toe of Wendy (or actually what I think is my own adaptation of this pattern, since my short rowing is not looking exactly as Wendy’s) and with the short rows Theresa uses in her pattern, which is the Priscilla Gibson-Roberts way. In these socks I used Wendy’s short rowing in the toes, and Theresa’s in the heels, just to be able to compare the two methods in the same yarn and with the same needles. Conclusion? I prefer my version of Wendy’s pattern, absolutely no holes, even if the continuum of the stitches is not as beautiful as in Theresa’s version. The stitch row is perfect in Theresa’s way, but I can’t help getting small holes between the rows, no matter how much I tighten the yos.

The Feather and Fan pattern is also Wendy’s. Wendy as knitted so many socks using this pattern that I thought it’s time to check it out in an actual pair of socks. It’s easy to memorize, and quite decorative. Good for mindless sock knitting, even if I must admit I prefer a bit more challenge in a pair of socks. Still, there are times when what you need is mindless knitting, and this pattern is perfect for that.

The yarn is Regia’s Bamboo yarn, consisting of bamboo, wool and polyamide. It’s soft and easy to knit with, and wonderful against the hands. I hope Mum will have good use for these summer socks, on those evenings when you feel a little cold, but not enough to put on woollen socks.

An for those curious on the Venezia progress: I have moved on to the second sleeve and is fast approaching the sleeve cap. Update will follow soon!

March 18, 2007

Finished Seiskari mittens

First, thank you for all your comments about the Seiskari mittens! I had a pretty busy week, and haven’t got time to answer you, but thank you to everyone who left a comment!


The kids were playing cards and eating candy

I have actually two FO:s, but only one will be presented today. The bear coat is done, all ends sewn in and blocked, but I haven’t got an opportunity to take pictures of the coat yet.
But finished and pictured are the Seiskari mittens.

HPIM7516.JPG The Seiskari mittens got finished just in time before spring breakout. It’s warm in the sun if it isn’t a windy day, but when it’s cloudy, and in the mornings it’s still very cold. There will be need for mittens and gloves at least a couple of more weeks, I think. The son has already used the mittens, you can see they have been a little bit wrinkled from having been in the mitten basket. He approved them. Do you want to see a close up? Click, click! My intention was to knit these mittens with a flat top, but I decided the pattern would end in more beautiful way with a pointier top. The decreases on the top are three stitches band decreases, and on the thumb one stitch band decreases.

Project details:
Pattern: Seiskari mitten, traditional colour pattern, mitten pattern my own.
Yarn: Isager Tvinni, about 57 grams for teenaged boy hand.
Needles: 2mm dpns.
More: 80 stitches for the rib, 84 stitches for the hand.

Ms toeup.jpgAnd so the WIP pile is once again shortened. And that is a good thing. I have started a sock for my mum, it‘s my “handbag” knitting, small and portable, a basic from the toe up pattern with a feather and fan leg part. I'm using Regias bamboo sock yarn, and it's very nice to knit with. I’ll also be knitting like a busy bee on the spring cardigan. You see, I have ordered yarn for a sweater/pullover, and I’m afraid what is still in WIP stage when those yarns are delivered by my doorstep will remain as a WIP for quite some time. Can you guess what I have ordered?


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